Note: iTravel API is only available to SITA PSS Airlines or their accredited developers.

iTravel® API

RESTful access to SITA Reservation Web Services

The iTravel API (Application Programming Interface) provides a simple, convenient and cost effective alternative to the conventional development of airline customer applications using SITA’s Reservation Web Services (SRWS).

The API expedites the design of new booking, check-in and other innovative travel solutions using emerging technologies by developers who simply want to query and retrieve data and services on SITA host systems but who are not necessarily familiar with complex airline business operations. An abstraction layer in the API shields developers from complex airline business rules and processes, such as merging flight availability with diverse fare options and payment rules, allowing developers to focus on delivering rich features with relevant and accurate data to the passenger application.

The API allows either individual or a combination of services to be incorporated into a solution to enable passengers to book and pay for flights, check-in, trace baggage, and check airline and flight information on any self-service platform including web, mobile, social media, or any other emerging technology.

Key Features

  • Secure and streamlined access to Shopping, Booking, Check-in, Flight and Airline Information, Loyalty and Baggage Tracing functionality
  • Developer friendly interface REST API methods for quick and easy development and deployment
  • Abstraction layer to isolate developer from complex airline business processes
  • Easily integrates with an airline’s web, mobile, social media or other customer service application
  • Supports Frequent Flyer validation and redemption (Requires integration to providers service)
  • Issues IATA and TSA compliant boarding passes using the SITA Boarding Pass API
  • Integrates with SITA WorldTracer for baggage status updates (Requires separate WorldTracer service agreement)
  • Customer Journey (CJ) API providing valuable business intelligence on the customer's behaviour and value to the airline

Choice of Integrated Travel Service Options

Shopping Comprehensive flight search facility with in-built Deal API for special price requests. (Requires separate FlightShop service agreement)

Booking Immediate booking for up to 9 pax with reserve & hold e-ticketing facility or optional online payment support.

Check-in Self-service check-in with automatic issue of IATA/TSA compliant boarding card with Apple Passbook and Samsung Wallet support. Can be integrated with Boarding Pass API for more Boarding Pass design and distribution control.

Airline Information Airline data including terms and conditions, policies, routes and call centre contact details for the airline that can be used to populate the user interface of the client app.

Customer Journey Customer Journey (CJ) API providing a record of a passenger's itineraries and associated services.

Baggage Tracing Retrieve the current status of a bag during its journey from check in to arrival at the destination airport. (Requires separate WorldTracer service agreement)

Flight Information Real-time flight status information.