Term Explanation
API Advanced Passenger Information. For some international routes, the destination country has regulations about the information a passenger must provide prior to departure. This data must be entered at time of booking or check in.
DCS Departure Control System. The airline system that manages the check in and boarding process for the airline on day of departure.
FQTV Acronym for Frequent Flyer Data
OTA Open Travel Alliance
PNR Passenger Name Record - This is a name commonly given to the booking data held in the RES system for a passenger(s).
RES Reservations system. The airline system that holds flight inventory and booking details.
SSR Special Service Request. There is a section of the PNR data that contains the SSR data. SSRs are used to store information such as special meal requests, requests for wheel chair assistance. The eTicket numbers are also stored in the SSR section.