Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an API Key?

You must have an API key to use the iTravel API. API Keys cannot be shared between airlines. The API key must be passed in a HTTP Header “X-apiKey”.

What is the difference between a Journey and a Trip?

In the /shop API, the results consist of journeys and trips. For oneway results, these are one and the same. For return shopping results, there are two journeys (the outbound journey and the return journey) and one overall trip. This distinction is important to understand when looking at the returned price - the price is available per journey and for the overall trip.

What Passenger Types are supported?

There are three supported passenger types:

  • ADT - Adults
  • CHD - Children
  • INF - Infants

What Credit Card Codes & Types are supported?

Card Types

  • VI - Visa
  • AX - Amex
  • CA - Mastercard

Card Codes

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card

Booking Reference Number and eTicket - are they the same?

No. A booking reference number is a 5 digit alpha numeric that uniquely identifies a whole itinerary - an itinerary can contain multiple passengers and multiple flights.

An eTicket number is a 13 digit numeric value. It uniquely identifies a single passenger. The eTicket numbers are stored in the booking, in the SSR section.

As an example, if a booking has 3 people travelling on 2 flights, there will be 3 eTicket numbers (all in the SSR section of the PNR data).