Booking and Check-in Flows

This section describes the typical flow of APIs required to shop, book and check in a passenger.

Creating a Booking

A typical airline booking flow consists of a passenger shopping for appropriate fares as follows:

  1. Prompt the user to enter search details (departure and arrival airports, dates, number of passengers, class of travel).

  2. Call the GET /shop API with these parameters.

  3. Display the various flight options to the user and let them select one (based on price, time of departure/arrival, connecting time, etc.)

  4. Prompt the user to enter the passenger name, contact and payment details.

  5. Call the POST /reservations API with these parameters to create a booking.

  6. Display the resulting booking confirmation number and booking details.

Check-in Prior to Departure

Check-in can typically be done from 48-24 hours before departure time up to about 2 hours before departure. Depending on the route there may be some mandatory Advanced Passenger Information (API) to be added to the passenger record.

  1. Prompt the user to enter:
    • Their booking reference. If booking reference is provided, use the GET /reservations API, followed by a call to GET /checkin/passengers API.
    • Their eTicket number, flight details and passenger name. With this data, use the GET /checkin/passengers API to retrieve the passenger record.

  2. Depending on the content of the passenger record, prompt the user to:
    • Select a seat - GET /checkin/seatmap and POST /checkin/seat
    • Enter frequent flyer data - PUT /checkin/FQTV
    • Enter API data - PUT /checkin/API

  3. Check the passenger in using POST /checkin.