GET /flifo

Verb URI Description
GET /flifo/{ver}/{airline}/{depDate}/{depAirport}/{arrAirport} Get status of all flights on the specified route for the given date

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Notes Example
ver API Version number v1
airline 2 character IATA code. MH
depDate Departure Date 2013-03-20
depAirport 3 letter IATA code LHR
arrAirport 3 letter IATA code KUL

Response Data

The response data contains an array of flightLegInfo objects, one for each flight.

This object contains scheduled, estimated and actual departure and arrival times, not all of which may be populated. It may also contain gate and terminal information, if this is provided by the airline.

"flightLegInfos": [
          "flightNumber": "1134",
          "departureAirport": {
            "code": "KUL",
            "name": "Kuala Lumpur Intl",
            "city": "Kuala Lumpur",
            "country": "Malaysia",
            "lat": 2.745578,
            "lng": 101.709917,
            "terminal": null,
            "gate": null,
            "timezone": "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur"
          "arrivalAirport": {
            "code": "PEN",
            "name": "Penang Intl",
            "city": "Penang",
            "country": "Malaysia",
            "lat": 5.297139,
            "lng": 100.276864,
            "terminal": null,
            "gate": null,
            "timezone": "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur"
          "marketingAirline": "MH",
          "operatingAirline": null,
          "equipment": null,
          "flightRPH": -1,
          "comments": [],
          "depScheduled": null,
          "arrScheduled": null,
          "depEstimated": "2013-05-02T07:35:00.000+08:00",
          "depActual": null,
          "arrEstimated": "2013-05-02T08:36:00.000+08:00",
          "arrActual": null,
          "flightStatus": "ARRIVED",
          "minutesToScheduledFlightDeparture": 0


In general, if there is an actual time, display that as it implies the flight has already departed or arrived.
If there is no actual, then display the Estimated as this will be the most up to date time.
If there is no estimated, then display the Scheduled time.

Note: Not all of these values are guaranteed to be provided. It will vary by the airline.