The currency exchange API is used to get exchange rates. tdis API returns indicative rates for information purposes only.

GET /currencyExchange

Verb URI Description
GET /currencyExchange/{ver}/{airline}/{fromCurrency}/{toCurrency}/{amount} Do a currency exchange for tde amount using tde exchange rate on tde date provided

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Notes Example
ver API Version number v1
airline 2 character IATA code. MH
fromCurrency ISO 4217 currency code MYR
toCurrency ISO 4217 currency code USD
amount Amount to convert 100.34

Query Parameters

Query Parameter Notes Example
exchangeDate Exchange rates vary daily. tdis value specifies tde date of exchange to use. If not specified, or an invalid date is specified, today’s rate will be used. 2013-03-05

Response Data

tde response data contains tde exchanged amount, and tde exchange rate.