GET /checkin/seatmap

The GET /checkin/seatmap will retrieve the seatmap for the specified flight.

Verb URI Description
GET /checkin/seatmap/{ver}/{airline}/{depDate}/{flightNumber}
Get seatmap for a flight

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Notes Example
ver API Version number v1
airline 2 character IATA code. MH
depDate Departure Date 2013-04-22
flightNumber Flight Number 0001
depAirport Departure Airport LHR
arrAirport Arrival Airport KUL

Response Data

The response data contains the seatmap information divided into the following hierarchy:

- cabins (first, business, economy)
  - seatRows (row 1, row 2, etc.)
    - seats (1A, 1B, etc.)

Each seat element contains the attributes to specify the seat. These attributes can be used to display a graphical seat map.

  "seatLetter": "G",
  "rowNumber": 1,
  "windowSeat": false,
  "aisleToTheLeft": false,
  "aisleToTheRight": true,
  "validSeat": true,
  "available": true,
  "exitRow": false,
  "bassinet": false,
  "suitableForAdultWithInfant": false,
  "rearFacingSeat": false,
  "seatNumber": "1G"