GET /checkin/passengers

The GET verb will search for a passenger record from the DCS system. The passenger record returned may include multiple passengers (travelling on the same Reservation) and information about those passengers that is needed during the check in process - e.g. is a seat already assigned, or is Advanced Passenger Data required/assigned.

Verb URI Description
GET /checkin/{ver}/{airline}/{depDate}/{flightNumber}/{depAirport} Retrieve a reservation

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Notes Example
ver API Version number v1
airline 2 character IATA code. MH
depDate Departure date of flight, in yyyy-MM-dd format 2013-03-11
flightNumber Airline flight number 0004
depAirport Departure airport LHR

Query Parameters

Query Parameter Notes Example
lastName passenger last name OSULLIVAN
firstName passenger first name KEVIN
eTicket eTicket number 2322400928866
bookingLocator SITA RES booking reference id K17QC
ffqNumber Frequent flyer number (including airline code) MH304250446
agentSine Agent sign-in code. If ‘agentSine’ is not passed in the request parameters then the default value of ‘agentSine’ will be used. 91/4536F
nonSitaLocator Non SITA PNR Reference. Default value is false (if not specified). False

Response Data

If the passenger checking in is travelling in a group (i.e. other people in his/her reservation), then the other passengers will be returned in the response data too.

  • flightLegInfos : A list of flights returned from the passenger search. It will include the flight in the Path Param search critieria, plus other subsequent flights that are open for check in for the passengers (e.g. same day return, or connecting flights)
    • equipment : The airport equipment code.

      Note: it may be null.

    • depScheduled : Scheduled time of departure, in timezone of departure airport (e.g. “2013-03-12T10:45:00.000+08:00”)
    • arrScheduled : Scheduled time of arrival.
    • boardingDateTime : Time when boarding starts
    • apiRequired : Is Advanced Passenger Info required on this flight - True/false.
    • closed : Is this flight already closed for check in. True/false.
  • flightLegInfos : List of passengers matching the Query Param search criteria.
    • paxRPH : The index into the array of passengers (starts at 1, not 0).
    • eTicketNumber : The eTicket number for this passenger. This eTicket value must be used on all subsequent calls to the check in services.
    • infant - true/false
    • child - true/false
    • onwardFlight - true if there is an onward connecting flight for this passenger
    • bagCount - Number of bags checked in
    • gender : Indicates the gender, and passenger type. The valid values are:
      • M = male
      • F = female
      • C = child
      • I = infant
    • parentPassengerRPH : For infant passengers, this is the paxRPH value for the infant’s parent.
    • infantOnLap : For passengers carrying an infant, this field contains the passenger structure for the infant.
    • apiInfo : The Advanced Passenger Information held for this passenger. This typically contains passport information.
      • addresses - Array of address information
      • documents - Array of document information (e.g. passport and/or visa documents)
    • apiStatus : This field specifies the Advanced Passenger Information status.
    • Code Description
      1 OK TO BOARD
      Passenger must produce additional documentation. Boarding pass is inhibited.
      7 SELECTED
      9 OK to board if documents comply with requirements
    • flights : Array of flights that are eligible for check in, for this passenger. A passenger may have two flights, for example, if flying from DUB to LHR, and connecting to MEX. In this case there would be two flightLegInfo elements in the flights array. The structure of flights matches the flightLegInfo structure above. There are fields in the flight object that indicate the checked-in status, seat, class of travel, whether passenger has boarded, etc.
      • seatNumber - seatNumber assigned for this flight.
      • barcodeData - If successfully checked in, this field contains the barcode data for the passenger, for this flight.
      • checkedInStatus - determines if this passenger has already checked in, for this flight. : The checkedInStatus field has the following values: :
        Code Description
        1 UNDEFINED
        2 CHECKED IN
        3 NOT CHECKED IN
        4 STANDBY
        5 MIXED_CLASS
        6 BOARDED