PUT /checkin/FQTV

This API is used to assign a frequent flyer number to a passenger. The frequent flyer number can be the airline’s or an airline partner frequent flyer account.

Verb URI Description
PUT /checkin/FQTV/{ver}/{airline}/{depDate}/{flightNumber}/{depAirport}
Assign a frequent flyer number to a passenger>

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Notes Example
ver API Version number v1
airline 2 character IATA code. MH
depDate Departure date of flight, in yyyy-MM-dd format 2013-03-11
flightNumber Airline flight number 0004
depAirport Departure airport LHR
eTicket eTicketNumber 2322400928866
lastName Passenger’s last name OSULLIVAN
firstName Passenger’s first name KEVIN
frequentFlyerNumber The frequent flyer number (including airline code) MH304250446

Query Parameters

Query Parameter Notes Example
agentSine Agent sign-in code. If ‘agentSine’ is not passed in the request parameters then the default value of ‘agentSine’ will be used. 91/4536F

Response Data

This API will return success=true if the number was successfully assigned.

Error Codes

If the frequent flyer number is invalid, a "message": "335 - CUSTOMER NUMBER" error is returned