PUT /checkin/api

This API is used to add the Advanced Passenger Information (API) to a passenger record. This data is required for certain international routes. When you retrieve a passenger record (GET /checkin/passengers) the response will indicate if API data is required.

You can also use this API to update the nationality of the passenger by specifying an address with just the country code. See the example POST data below.

Verb URI Description
PUT /checkin/api/{ver}/{airline}/{depDate}/{flightNumber}
Add the Advanced Passenger Information to a passenger record

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Notes Example
ver API Version number v1
airline 2 character IATA code. MH
depDate Departure date of flight, in yyyy-MM-dd format 2513-03-11
flightNumber Airline flight number 0004
depAirport Departure airport LHR
eTicket eTicketNumber 2322400928866
lastName Passenger’s last name OSULLIVAN
firstName Passenger’s first name KEVIN

Query Parameters

Query Parameter Notes Example
agentSine Agent sign-in code. If ‘agentSine’ is not passed in the request parameters then the default value of ‘agentSine’ will be used. 91/4536F


The post data is an array of documents and/or addresses.

Example POST data to update passport and visa documentation

Generally it is only necessary to add one document, the passport. The docType value is either 1 (VISA) or 2 (Passport).

  "infant": false,
  "documents": [{
    "birthDate": "1999-01-01",
    "nationality": "GB",
    "docId": "1234567",
    "docType": 2,
    "expireDate": "2020-01-01",
    "gender": "M",
    "givenName": "KEVIN",
    "surname": "OSULLIVAN",
    "middleName": null,
    "docIssueCountryCodes": ["GB"]
    "docId": "1234567",
    "docType": 1,
    "docIssueLocation": "GB",
    "applicableCountry": "USA",
    "effectiveDate": "1999-01-01",
    "birthPlace": "CORK",
    "docIssueCountryCodes": ["GB"]

Example POST data used to update the nationality

  "addresses": [
      "countryCodes": ["MH"]

Response Data

This API will return success=true if the API data was successfully added to the passenger data on the DCS.