Public/Private Key-Pair Certificates

To access SITA Web Services, customers are required to create a Key-Pair PKI Certificate. The Public DER key should be provided to us and all messages from the customer applications should be signed with the Private PEM key.

A certificate can be obtained from a Certificate Authority (CA) or can be a self-signed certificate but it must adher to the X.509 Version 3 standard.

Note: It is a customer's responsibility to monitor the expiration dates of the certificates to avoid any outage as certificates will be automatically removed on expiration.

A month before the expiration of a certificate, a replacement must be generated and sent to SITA so that the new certificate can be loaded. Loading the new certificate before the expiration of the existing certificate avoids interrupion of service. SITA will inform customers when the load is scheduled.

Upload the Public Key to SITA here