Implementing SITA Web Services(SWS)

The following steps are required to start using SWS for your new applications

  1. Fill in the implementation questionaire on this page
  2. Create a a Key-Pair PKI Certificate. A certificate can be obtained from a Certificate Authority (CA) or can be a self-signed certificate but it must adher to the X.509 Version 3 standard.
  3. Provide SITA with Public DER key. All messages from the customer applications should be signed with the Private PEM key.
  4. Download the SWS demo and demo user guide to explore how SWS works
  5. Download all the SWS documentation and XML schemas with which to develop your applications
  6. When we have loaded your certificate, you can now test your applications on our QA server.

This page will provide you with all the necessary software, specifications and documentation that you will need to start implementing your applications using SITA Web Services including:

  • AXI RequestorID (if applicable)
  • SWS Java Demo
  • SWS Java Client
  • XML Schemas
  • Documentation
    • SITA Web Services Java Demo Guide
    • SWS User Guide
    • XML Interface Specifications