SITA Web Services (SWS)

XML Interface to SITA Hosts Systems

SITA airline customers often have to develop and deploy their own secure in-house apps using data from Reservations, Fares, DCS and Ticketing.

Web Services is a component of the SITA Horizon Passenger Services System (PSS) and provides consistent and reliable access to SITA’s host systems via a standard Application Programming Interface (API) which is based on a set of structured messages. This API enables airline customers to deploy their own reliable, secure and robust applications such as internet booking engines, kiosks and customized reservation agent applications that adhere to industry standards.

SWS is platform independent and is based on the OpenTravel™ Alliance (OTA) XML standard in addition to other travel industry standards.

What makes Web Services Unique

Web Services’ Interface

Provides the openness, flexibility, platform independence, security and performance needed to support the customer service and distribution strategies of our airline customers.

Industry Standard Message Formats

By supporting industry standard message formats and protocols, Web Services reduces application development time and maintenance costs.

Ease of Use

Customer applications are able to access data easily and securely from the host system using messages that support the specifications of the OTA.


  • Enables airlines to easily create and modify apps in response to market needs
  • Offers a single point of access to multiple SITA systems
  • Increases the speed of development and reduces maintenance costs
  • Minimal (or no) impact from system changes in a secure environment
  • Uses existing dedicated IP or Internet-based communications

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