NFC (Near Field Communications) Boarding Passes

SITA has developed a technical specification that allows an IATA standard boarding pass, with all its data fields, to be transmitted to an NFC reader, without the need for the passenger to take any action on his/her smartphone, except tapping it on the reader.

We call it the “universal” NFC boarding pass because the specification we have developed simply adds a new way to transmit the boarding pass to a compatible reader. All the IATA standard boarding pass fields are still contained on the phone and can easily be displayed in a barcode format, allowing the boarding pass to be used anywhere in the world where a mobile barcode is accepted. Airports who install compatible readers are providing additional benefits and convenience for passengers who have NFC on their phones and want to use it.

Passenger convenience and operational efficiency is at the heart of our specification. We call it 'Tap & Fly'.