GET /beacons/{version}/{airportCode}/{uuid}/

This API call will retrieve the meta-data details for the beacon identified by UUID/major/minor.

Verb URI Description
GET /beacons/{ver}/{airportCode}/{uuid}/{majorId}/{minorId} Retrieve data for specified iBeacon

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Notes Example
ver API Version number 1
airportCode Three letter IATA code for airport where the iBeacon is 1
uuid The UUID value for the beacon 1
majorId The majorId of the beacon 1
minorId The minorId of the beacon 1

Query Parameters

Query Parameter Notes Example
lastUpdate Use this to only return meta data if it has changed after the specified lastUpdate value. If there is no new data, the response will be empty, with a HTTP OK status code (200). 2014-05-29T22:35:32.000Z
flightNumber flightNumber is the flight that the passenger is on. If supplied this data will be used to return walk time to the gate. It will also be hashed and stored and used to display last known location of passengers for a flight. The format of flightNumber must be [A-Z]+2[0-9]+4 2014-05-29T22:35:32.000Z
flightDate flightDate is the date of travel. Only required if flightNumber is specified. 2014-05-29
deviceIdentifier deviceIdentifier is an identifier, unique to the device (such as hashed MAC address, or a device UUID). It is used to generate a report on the unique users of the system. 10107E04-B015-416D-B12E-09A4633D967E

Response Data

The response data is an array of objects describing the beacons in the registry.

   "name":"Checkin Area T2",
      "beaconName":"BA Checkin T2"
      "descriptiveText":"You are near the British Airways check in area"

  • walkInfo : If flight details are passed to the API call, the Registry will return the walk time from the beacon to the gate for that flight. The walkInfo object will include the walk time in minutes, the destination gate and a true/false indicator to specify if the passenger needs to go through security and through immigration checks.

  • metaData : The metaData contains further data about the beacon. The data contained in the metaData is specific to each beacon classification type. For example, a restaurant beacon will contain metaData specifying opening hours and special offers. A gate beacon will contain flight information. A security zone beacon will contaion wait times. See below for the full specification of meta data for each beacon classification type.