What are Beacon Types?

One of the key benefits of the Common Use Beacon Registry is that it provides not just a list of iBeacons deployed at an airport, but provides classification details so you understand the context of where your passenger is when he/she comes into proximity of a beacon. It does this by dividing the airport up into zones that are relevant to a passenger journey. When a beacon is registered in the system, it is given a classification. These are listed below.

  • Gate : for beacons identifying a specific gate, or region of gates
  • CheckinDesk : for beacons at a check in desk, or in check in hall
  • SecurityZone : beacons inside the security check area
  • BaggageHall : beacons at a baggage carousel or in the baggage hall
  • Retail : beacons at a specific store in the airport
  • Restaurant : beacons at a specific restaurant/cafe/food outlet
  • CarPark : beacons in the airport parking area
  • Lounge : beacons in an airport lounge
  • TransitZone : beacons in an airport terminal transfer area (e.g. bus, monorail)
  • SalesOffice : beacons at an airline sales office
  • Waypoint : beacons for wayfinding in the airport
  • Other : Any other general purpose beacon

This beacon classification means that app developers can provide a consistent user experience through iBeacons regardless of the airport. A gate experience at one airport will be the same as the gate experience at another airport.

Moving through zones

While it is early days for apps using iBeacons, it is expected that an app will monitor for a combination of both UUID and majorID. Given that all beacons of the same zone have the same majorId, this approach will notify your application as the passenger moves through different zones - from check in through security to retail to gate.