SITA Common Use Beacon Registry

Community Service for Managing Global iBeacon Deployments

The Beacon Registry is a registry of common use iBeacons for the Air Transport Industry (ATI).

The registry is a SITA initiative and provides the following services:

  • It allows beacon owners (airlines, airports or 3rd parties) to manage their beacon infrastructure and track where they are placed in an airport.
  • It enables airports to monitor beacon deployment to prevent radio interference with existing Wi-Fi access points
  • It provides beacons owners with a simple mechanism to set the 'meta-data' associated with beacons.
  • It provides an API for app developers who want to use these beacons for developing travel and other related apps.

The aims of the registry are to promote the use of beacons in the Air Transport Industry and reduce the cost and complexity of deployment. This can be achieved with the following design goals:

  • Promote shared beacon infrastructure to reduce cost and complexity of deployment.
  • Introduce standard beacon types and data definition to encourage reuse.
  • Provide a simple to use API to discover beacons and get meta-data about beacons.
  • Provide tools to airport operators and beacon owners to visualize and track beacons.
  • Be vendor agnostic - the service should work with beacons from any vendor.

How it Works