BagJourney Event Code List

The following table describes the standard BagJourney events that may be returned in Bag History. The type value is contained in the "Code" element of each event in the list. A Customer Administrator may add custom events via the BagJourney Administration / Location Events functionality

Event Type Description
CHECKED_IN Bag checked in
PAX_BOARDED Passenger boarded
SCREENED Bag screened
SCREENING_PASSED Bag screening passed
SCREENING_FAILED Bag screening failed
SORTED Bag sorted
LOADED_IN_CONTAINER Bag loaded into container
LOADED_ON_AIRCRAFT Bagloaded on aircraft
OFFLOADED Bag offloaded
EXPECTED Bag expected
REROUTED Bag rerouted
REFLIGHTED Bag re-flighted
CANCELLED Bag cancelled
MISHANDLED Bag mishandled