BagJourney API Overview

The API returns a list of events that describe the journey of a checked in bag or list of bags.

  • A request by bag tag returns the list for that tag.
  • A request by reference number returns 1 or more bag tags and the list of events for each.

If no match is found, the API returns a normal response with 0 tag lists.

API Structure

There is currently a single API endpoint. The root URL is where baggage is the functional domain.

See Get Bags by Flight and History by Tag and Passenger for more information.


Query Specific Path Parameters
Name Example Description Required
Version v1.0 API Version Number Yes
Airline MH IATA 2 character airline code Yes

Path parameters that define the type of request are as follows:

Name Example Description Required
bagTag /tag/01254567890 The noun ‘tag’ followed by the bagTag number. n/a
Ref String The noun reference followed by the booking reference number n/a

Currently supported query parameters are as follows:

Name Example Description Required
flightdate YYYY-MM-DD Request event list for reference number or bag tag as set in URI, for this date. Current date is used if this parameter is not present on the request. No
paxSurname Last name of traveller Include the last name of the traveller for additional checks against the reference number or bagTag. No